Lots Of Love,
Laughter, & Play

To Grow & Develop A Happy, Healthy Baby

Lots Of Love, Laughter, & Play

To Grow & Develop A Happy, Healthy Baby

Infant Daycare | 6 weeks to 12 months | Preschool & Daycare Serving Dallas, TX

Warm-Hearted, Quality Care From Experienced Teachers

Your child’s teachers are loving, experienced, and qualified with extensive training in early childhood education. Teachers and directors have long tenures, meaning your child relies on seeing the same familiar, caring faces every day. 

A Slow & Gentle Intro To Eating Solid Food

When your little one is ready to eat solid food, their teachers are ready to help. Following the USDA meal pattern recommendations means your baby gets the nutrition they need from milk to whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and protein.

Your Family Makes A Positive Difference In The Community

Your family can help serve the many families in need in Dallas. Giving back to the community is an enjoyable social experience for you and your family as you help provide over 200 turkey dinners at Thanksgiving. 

Early Screening Ensures Your Baby’s Optimal Health

As part of the Early Head Start program, your baby undergoes regular check-ups to screen for any health, behavioral, or speech issues. Full communication from the team and specialists discuss your child’s health and well-being throughout every check-up. 

Welcoming You & Your Baby Into The Community

Community events make you feel part of a big family. Your child loves participating in Back To School Bashes, where your family builds friendships with other families and creates a strong network of support. 

Encouraging Baby’s Milestones With The Frog Street© Curriculum

Frog Street© is a scientifically-backed curriculum that helps your baby meet developmental milestones. Your baby spends their days listening to stories and singing songs while practicing tummy time and grasping exercises to promote healthy body development. 

Baby Sign Language Builds Their Communication Skills

Teachers use baby signing to communicate with your little one. When your baby catches on, watch in amazement at what they tell you or ask for without words. Sign language reduces your child’s frustrations because they better communicate their wants. 

In-House Visitors Entertain Your Baby With Silly Songs & Stories

Even the youngest students participate in in-house field trips! Your baby benefits from community visitors like librarians who read a variety of books at storytime and local musicians who visit and sing silly songs for the children. 

High Recognition Ratings & Proudly Nationally Accredited

Nationally accredited with a 4-star rating from the state’s quality rating system, Texas Rising Star. These honorable titles mean your baby is well-cared for with our high standards for education, environment, and teachers.  

Clean, Safe, & Secure For Your Peace Of Mind

From thorough daily cleanings, to regular visits from a professional cleaning crew, your child thrives in an clean, safe, and secure environment that’s always protected by security cameras, restricted access to the building, and background checks on all staff.

Hear What Parents Have To Say...

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I absolutely love this daycare and even moved closer to ensure my son’s spot for years to come. It’s almost been a year and they’re extended family for sure! Everyone is hella sweet but real when they need to be. I appreciate the staff so much and especially during these uncertain times I cannot thank them enough!
Crystal Presley
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American Care Academy is like a second family to everyone that walks through the door. I thank God for this Facility and everyone that represents American Care Academy.
Ny’Kera Griggs
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American Care Academy is a fantastic center. The care givers have opened their arms to my son and I as a family. As a parent I have seen my child's personality grow independently and academically. I recommend this center to any parent whose trying to teach their child independency or even if their trying to expand their little ones mind. I thank everyone at American care for welcoming us!
Felicia Frazier
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This daycare is more a family than a daycare center! The care and love for my children makes me extremely grateful! I moved to North Dallas and refused to change centers. That's how amazing they are here!
Dawn Smith Hill
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My child went there around the time they first open my baby was and infant when he start and my child all four went there up until my bady went off to pre-k. I also was a worker around 2004-2005 I enjoy working there, but due to the hours at that time when they was open for 24hr. This center is great and God has truly blessed them. They have came a long why.
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My daughter attended this school for one whole year. This was our first daycare and like other first time parents we were very nervous to leave our little one and go back to work. Any concerns were addressed immediately and with proper care. Thank you for your patience and for helping my daughter and us get past the transition. She knows many children's songs, can speak at an age- appropriate level, and is on her way to being fully potty trained, all thanks to American Care Academy.

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